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FileMaker Pro 10.0v1 for Windows
9:30 AM

FileMaker Pro is the #1-selling easy-to-use database software for Windows that helps you manage people, projects, assets and more — the easy way

FileMaker Pro includes all the features of FileMaker Pro plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools to help you design and develop more powerful, more customized database applications – faster and easier than ever before!

Design and develop databases faster and easier

Customize your database application even more by renaming, adding, or deleting menu and toolbar items. Add tooltips to layout objects to make your layouts more intuitive. Even create standalone, runtime applications.

Debug and troubleshoot more efficiently

FileMaker Pro includes essential debugging and reporting tools that help you build stable, reliable solutions more efficiently. It’s easier than ever to pinpoint problem areas by reviewing scripts step-by-step in the Script Debugger. You can monitor fields, variables, expressions, and even test calculation formulas with the Data Viewer, as well as temporarily disable script steps to test portions of your scripts.

Modify and maintain with ease

Once you’ve designed and deployed your database, the FileMaker Pro database reporting and optimization features will help you update solutions more easily and keep them running at peak performance. Update databases faster by importing multiple tables or by using copy/paste to move fields, tables, scripts, and script steps. Get comprehensive information on database schema and options, like fields, web viewers, layouts, Custom Menus, and more with the Database Design Report. Plus, the FileMaker Maintenance Tools will ensure you’re getting maximum performance from your solutions.

Top 10 ways to turbocharge your solutions using FileMaker Pro :

1. Customize menus and toolbars by renaming, adding, or deleting menu items or replacing entire menus with your own choices for a completely customized database application. When you update a menu the associated toolbar icons, context menus, window options, keyboard shortcuts, and the Mode menus are automatically updated to match.
2. Make your layouts more informative by adding tooltips to fields or layout objects. Tooltips are static text or can be based on calculated results. Either way you will provide more insights into your data, and deliver essential information without cluttering your layout.
3. Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once or by using copy/paste to move fields and tables in or across files.
4. Pinpoint problem areas as you step through scripts in a Script Debugger. You can even temporarily disable scripts to test portions of a script.
5. Keep an eye on current field values, variables, or expressions with the Data Viewer. Debug scripts and test calculation formulas without modifying your underlying database schema.
6. Create standalone runtime solutions that do not require the FileMaker Pro application to be installed.
7. Create a kiosk-based application where all menus are hidden — great for event registrations, surveys, and collecting names for mailing lists.
8. Build more robust calculations and extend database capabilities with Custom Functions and the External Function Plug-in API.
9. Generate a report that provides comprehensive information on your database schema and options, like fields, tables, Custom Menus, FileMaker Web Viewers, and more with the Database Design Report. It’s invaluable as a troubleshooting tool by locating missing fields, broken relationships, problem calculations, and more.
10. Use the file maintenance tools to maximize database performance and to compact and recover unused space for faster access.

Size : 237 MB (2x100+37)

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