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Main » 2009 » February » 25 » Studio V5 Corp Virtual Database 3D 1.0 - Full
Studio V5 Corp Virtual Database 3D 1.0 - Full
1:06 PM

A    P E R S O N A L    D A T A B A S E    F O R    R E G U L A R    P E O P L E

Virtual Database 3D enables you to quickly enter, organize and summarize important information, in a beautiful 3D environment. You can choose from 30+ ready-to-use templates such as Address Book, Music and Movie collection, Invitation list, Games library, Home inventory, To Do list, Clients list, Expenses etc., or easily create a customized database to fit your needs. You can sort the data by any field, to create customized filters and reports, or to search the data quickly and easily using index and full search. Easy-to-use import option will give you the possibility to import data directly from well known applications like ®MS Excel, ®Windows Address Book, ®MS Outlook, etc.

  • Use innovative and easy-to-use User Interface which combines 2D and 3D view, one of 25 great looking scenes and built-in ambient music for effective and pleasant work.
  • Easy database creation from a scratch or using one of 30+ templates such as Address Book, Music and Movie collection, Invitation list, Games library, Home inventory, To Do list, Clients list, Expenses etc.
  • Customize or add new fields: Text, Numeric, Formula, Image, Documents shortcut, Attachments etc.
  • Easy data find using Quick Index or Full search.
  • Sort data by any field.
  • Create, save and apply customized Filters.
  • Create customized Reports for printing.
  • Use Notes field for record history and to-do items.
  • Easy data import directly from ®MS Excel, ®MS Outlook, ®Windows Address Book, ®MS Access, Comma-Separated text files and more.

:: click an image to enlarge ::


2D and 3D listbox ::

Virtual Database 3D records are shown in 2D and 3D listbox. Record scrolling is achieved as usual by common scroll bar or using mouse wheel.


Scene spin ::

You can zoom or rotate 3D listbox in all directions using the right mouse button or circle buttons at the bottom of the screen.


Record editing ::
By simple clicking on a desired record, the program will zoom the record and open Record dialog box for data editing. By clicking on the button New, you will enter a new data. At deleting, a record explodes and moves to Recycle Bin.



2   Create database by three mouse clicks ::
New database wizard will help you to create your own database with just three mouse clicks. Choose from 30+ ready-to-use database templates for Home or Business or easily create a custom database to fit your specific needs.
2   Customize fields ::
Customize each field or add one of 15 field types: Text, E-mail, Web, Phone, Integer, Decimal, Percent, Date, Time, Money, Check box, Documents shortcut, Attachments, Formula and Auto incrementing.
2   Sort records ::
Sort data according to any field or choose if you want the data sorted in ascending or descending order.
2   Search data ::
No matter how many records you have in a file, just start typing and Quick Index Search will find the data in a second. For advanced search, use full search. This will enable you searching through all fields.
2   Filter data ::
Create unlimited number of filters, apply and switch them easily.
2   Import ::
Easy import of data directly from ®MS Excel, ®MS Outlook, ®Windows Address Book, ®MS Access, Comma Separated text files and more.

2   Reports & print ::
Create a report and print the data in List and Record modes. Choose the font, fields, sort, filter and customize subtotals, average, minimum, maximum, deviation, counts and more.

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